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3M™ VHB™ Tapes

3M™ VHB™ Tapes

3M™ VHB™ Tape Families:

This family utilizes multi-purpose acrylic adhesive on both sides of conformable foam. The adhesive provides
excellent adhesion to a broad range of high and medium surface energy substrates including metals, glass, and a
wide variety of plastics, as well as plasticized vinyl. The conformable foam provides good contact, even with
mismatched substrates. Available in gray and black.

This family matches the modified acrylic adhesive on both sides of very conformable foam, providing adhesion
to the broadest range of substrates, including most powder coated paints. Available in dark gray.

This family has general purpose adhesive on both sides of firm type foam. This family is typically used on
metal, glass and high surface energy plastic substrates. Available in white and black.

This family has multi-purpose adhesive on both sides of firm foam. Available in white.

This family of clear tapes is excellent for applications where clear or colorless is desired. The general purpose
adhesive on both sides is suitable for high surface energy substrates.

This family of tapes is based around the low temperature appliable acrylic adhesive system, utilized on both
firm and conformable foam types. These products are suitable for high surface energy substrates. Available in
white (firm foam) and gray (conformable foam).

This family utilizes the low surface energy adhesive on a firm foam. Available in white.

This family has a general purpose adhesive on both sides of firm foam. This family of tapes is typically used on
metal substrates, and has the added feature of high temperature resistance, making it often suitable for bonding
prior to high temperature paint processing. Available in dark gray.

This family has general purpose adhesive on the face side (the side that typically would be bonded first) and
multi-purpose adhesive on the liner side (the side exposed when the release liner is removed) of a conformable
foam. Available in white.

3MT VHBT Tape Product Family Guide

4941 5952 4950 4945 4910 4951 4952 4611 4622
Gray Black Dk Gray White Black White Clear White Gray White Dk Gray White
Conform Conform Very Conf Firm Firm Firm n/a Firm Conform Firm Firm Conform
Multi-Purpose Modified General Purpose Multi-Purp Gen-Purp Low Temp Apply LSE Gen-Purp Gen/Multi
4926 4920
0.025 4936
4919F 5925
4929 4932 4646 4618
(0.64) 4936F 4930F
0.045 4941
4947F 5952 4950 4949
4951 4943 4952 4611 4622
(1.1) 4941F 4946
4979F 5962 4957 4655 4624
0.120 4959
(3.0) 4959F
Foam type






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